About Us

Our Approach

Multimedia and technology now nearly becoming basic needs to all of us, even for professional and also household, for older and also kids. In the meantime, every information and news can be accessed easily anytime and everywhere. That’s why Subtube Studio grows and stands for the help to all people who wants to make a media in performing arts, advertisement, profile, film, television, web video and any other kinds of video, which are now becomes most effective visual media.

Subtube Studio handles all the services, from the basic creative, scripting, concepting, budgeting, scheduling, casting, organising all resources such as talents, crew and equipments into a great working production (on air and also off air).

And we also have 4 private editing studio suites and lots of professional in video editing, visual effect animation, motion graphic, colour grading and also sound works (recording, designing, and mixing). Not just making all the good stuff, Subtube Studio will also help you in any related distribution matters, because we have guaranteed networks in TV Production and also Media Placement. For the event management, we also have many experiences in multimedia and multi camera contribution.

We are open to have all of companies, such as service/product company, creative agency, co-production house, post house, event organiser, TV Channel and all people who have the same vision in creating a creative media with a great values of life to work together as a team.